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Add a dash of whimsy with charming earrings that do the talking for you. Designed to be worn alone or as a pair.

Free Bird Earrings - Sterling Silver
Free Bird Earrings - Gold
Screw U Earrings - Sterling Silver
Screw U Earrings - Gold
Love Earring - Silver
Love Earring - Gold
Kiss Earring - Silver
Kiss Earring - Gold
Bird Earring - Sterling Silver
Bird Earring - Gold
Peace Earring - Sterling Silver
Peace Earring - Gold
Spike Earring - Silver
Spike Earring - Gold
XOXO Earring - Silver
XOXO Earring - Gold
Horseshoe Earring - Sterling Silver
Horseshoe Earring - Gold
Screw Earring - Sterling Silver
Screw Earring - Gold


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