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Be true to you.

by Babs

Be true to you.

There is so much to dislike about social media – the fact that you are seeing everyone’s greatest hits and then you compare them to your own, the vapid time suck, the misinformation, (I could go on and on…)

Social media can honestly make you feel like shit.  

However, I love that I can look at YouTube and learn anything I want and love that Instagram takes me away from any responsibility in my life (even if just for a moment).  I can see ducks falling in love with dogs, amazing beach vacations, and can keep up with friends and family around the world. 

My point in all of this rambling is that starting a business is hard. 

Finding an audience in an honest and organic way is even harder. 

Sadly, Today I find myself needing social media, needing you tube, needing Instagram, and needing influencers.   (you should see the expression on my face right now). 

Well, I’ve been looking at YouTube and Instagram all day trying to find people who have a similar voice to my own.  I’m digging deep to find other bloggers and influencers who might want to collaborate.  

It’s not an easy task.

But….it has forced me to think about my voice and my brand.

It’s pretty simple really.

It’s how I’ve lived my entire life and what I try to teach my son.

It’s being bold and unmistakable.

It’s the subtly of being authentic. 

It’s being clever and cheeky.

It’s being irreverent yet remaining classic.

It’s having fun and feeling empowered. 

It’s not giving a shit what anyone thinks and just doing what you know in your heart is right.

It’s being true to yourself… 

It’s being true to you.


Babs & Brent



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