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Babs & Brent About BABS & BRENT


Babs & Brent is a jewelry line based in New York City. The eponymous line is named after Babs and her late brother, Brent.

Born and bred in Texas, Babs began making rings out of telephone wire and sold them to classmates in elementary school. She started her career in movies paving her way as a publicist for all the major studios, including Miramax, Goldwyn, Paramount, Universal, and DreamWorks. Babs quickly earned industry-wide respect for her brazen personality and went on to work with countless award-winning directors and actors on numerous box-office hits and critically-acclaimed films.

Babs met and fell in love with her photographer husband and soon after having their son, she was reunited with her other love: jewelry design. “I wanted to treat myself after giving birth,” she says. “I had a specific vision of well-made rings, necklaces, and bracelets that were beautiful yet subversive. I couldn't find them anywhere so I decided to make my own.” 

Known for her irreverent sense of style, Babs designs modern jewelry for the wild at heart in her studio in Red Hook. She infuses a sense of humor into her work, a nod to the practical jokes she and her brother, Brent, played on one another as kids. Each piece is a reflection of her untamed spirit and is meant to inspire a sense of unspoken confidence. 

She currently resides in Brooklyn with her husband, son, and four cats, Momo, Stripe, Cali, and Manx.



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